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Watch The TrailerThe Documentary Film: Vendemmia


"…a superior work: complete, honest, beautiful and courageous…a very meaningful work for our country, to tell the story of the Cinque Terre, but also to demonstrate how one can work to transform a territory of marginal importance to one of Italian excellence.
–Sebastiano Venneri, Legambiente (League for the Environment), Italy

In today’s modern world, when nearly everything is done with the touch of a button, the residents of Italy’s picturesque Cinque Terre still make wine by hand, as their ancestors have done for over 1,000 years. They also welcome three million tourists annually into their homes, something their ancestors would have never foreseen. As the demand for local agriculture declines and is replaced by the tourists' need for hotels and restaurants, a modern-day fight for sustainable tourism begins to rise.

Cultural preservation and environmental balance teeter on the edge of survival as the seaside villages in this UNESCO World Heritage Site face an uncertainty marked by political change, natural disaster, and conflicting goals. VENDEMMIA documents the present day challenges of the Cinque Terre through the eyes of its extraordinary Ligurian residents, and also those standing on the outside, anxiously observing the area’s rapid fire transformation, and asks the essential question:

Is it possible to preserve the future of the Cinque Terre without sacrificing the past?

Special thanks to the following who helped us make this film possible

  • Uta Theile Photography
  • Cinque Terre Riviera
  • Marina Piccola
  • Cinque Terre National Park
Uta Theile Photography.Uta Theile Photography

Uta Theile, our set photographer during filming, has made it her mission to capture the true essence of this beautiful region. Visit her site to review her stunning photography and contact her for your vacation photo session before you go.

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Cinque Terre Riviera. Cinque Terre Riviera

We had the pleasure of staying in one of Cinque Terre Riviera's beautiful oceanfront apartments in Manarola. After booking your stay with them, ask about their cooking classes.

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Marina Piccola.Marina Piccola

Our favorite restaurant in Manarola is located down in the village harbor and features some of the best local cuisine. Stop by and enjoy a beautiful meal by the ocean.

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Cinque Terre National Park.Cinque Terre National Park

Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre has a terrific site which can serve as a one-stop shop for all information needs prior to planning a trip. Visit the site to learn more about the park and the five villages.

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"What a marvel. I really enjoyed every second of this jewel of a film... It really brings the whole atmosphere and enchantment of Le Cinque Terre... My warmest congratulations to...[the directors]... Sharon Boeckle and Krista Lee Weller.”

– Paolo DiMizio

Journalist/TV Anchor for TG5, Italy


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What Viewers Are Saying

"Wonderful documentary with absolutely amazing shots of an area of Italy I knew very little future trips will be seen through a different lens after watching this film."

"If this is your first introduction, it will certainly pique your interest in this area. If you already have a long-time love affair with the Cinque Terre, you will go away with a new respect for her people and a desire to preserve the very life of one of the most beautiful places on earth."

"A fascinating, in-depth look at how life used to be and how it is today in the Cinque Terre...The Cinque Terre is captured in all its beauty with some wonderful vistas..."

"...stunning visuals of Cinque Terre and its vistas...with historical photographs and video footage to tell its story. By the end of the documentary you will have a firm grasp on what once was and what presently is."

"...beautifully shot and edited, and reveals what is facing the Cinque Terre region of Italy."



Produced by Harvest Films in partnership with Sila Productions and Lighthorse Productions


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